Give it your best.

What does it mean to give your best? Doing your best is always the right thing to do always. What ever you are doing, believe it or not, there is always someone observing, at the same time there is always an impact. Do you want that impact to be positive or negative?great question, in my opinion. Do your best, from your heart, so even if your boss or a stranger is observing you, it will not matter because you are putting your best effort into what you are doing.

I am sure you can think of a time, when you could have done a little extra, in other words, put some more effort into assisting someone. I am sure we can all think of a time. I am sure we all have regrets, thinking of those times. How does it make you feel? when you helped to make a positive impact in someone’s life. As for me, it’s comforting, with feeling of accomplishment.

I leave my house daily with a purpose, to impact, inspire and deliver purpose. This is a passion for me, to help change lives, to help build financial confidence. You never know what someone is going through, so take the extra step and go the extra mile to help someone today. Take some time today to pray for someone you have just met. We all need some help, but in different ways, so pray for someone today, as that might just be the help he/ she needs.

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