Five Things To Be Thankful For

  1. Life  

We should always give thanks for life. The fact , that we are here today breathing the breath of life, we should take the opportunity to give thanks to the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We are breathing the breath of life and have another opportunity to hug our love ones, to make right our wrongs, to tell our love ones we love them and to make amends.

  1. Good Health

There are so many people right this moment, that are ailing with pain over their entire bodies. You are in good health? great. Give the Almighty thanks, and pray for those that are sick.  I remember visiting my mom several years ago, while she was sick with cancer. The pain, that I’ve witnessed her battling, was unbearable to watched. So, let’s give God thanks for our good health, while continuing to pray for those, that are battling sickness and diseases.

  1. Family

Family is so precious. Please take the time, to tell your spouse how much you love and appreciate him / her.Please do not take each other for granted, learn to appreciate each other. Remember to let your spouse know , that you appreciate him, that you appreciate her. There are so many single people out there, desperately searching to find their spouse. Likewise, so many married couples out their desperate and struggling to conceive and have a child. Please love on your children, let them know that they are loved, special, important brilliant, fearfully and wonderfully made. Be kind and gently to your family. Remember this, there are others, that wish they have just a tiny bit of what you have. While you are giving thanks to the Almighty God, The Creator of Heaven and Earth, please remember to pray for those that are waiting for their spouse, and also those trying to conceive.

  1. Happiness

Happiness, you might say isn’t that a given? no its not. You should give thanks, that you wake up happy. Be thankful that your day, morning, evening and night is going great, and you are happy. Many people are not feeling the same way, they are currently suffering from some sort of sadness, depression,  anxiety, stress, loss of employment , lost of a love one and many more. Please pray for them, when you say your prayers. Pray, that they too should find peace and comfort swiftly.

  1. Good friends

It is often said, that good friends are hard to find. When you find good friends, appreciate them, and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Give God thanks for them, and for placing them in your life.

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