Be Still

If you ask me, I will tell you, that giving up is not an option. Sometimes we move too fast without consulting God. Sometimes we move too slow, because we didn’t consult with God. Sometime we just plainly missed God. So, there are times when we really have to ensure, that we are focusing on the big picture. The big picture,which is the ultimate resolution we are seeking for our specific situation or circumstance. We have to truly seek God, regarding the right move to make and also the right words to say. Sometimes, what seem like a mountain will come before you, when you are right at the very entrance of your breakthrough, this is when you must continue to persevere, knowing giving up is not an option.

I can recall, a few years ago when I had to make a major decision at a place I was working. I was in the process of planning an event. One night I had a vision, which the interpretation led me to do a 21 days fasting and prayer. During the 21 days of fasting and prayer, something major came up at where I was working, where I had to make major a decision. During the 21 days of Prayer and fasting, it was also reveal to me in a night vision of what was happening at that workplace prior to the open comunication from upper management. The Lord had already positioned me to posture and prepare to pivot. Close to the end of the fasting, when management visited the location and asked me, what I intended to do, in other words, what was my final decision. I was prepared to confidently say, ” I heard to be still”. I had consulted with the Lord and I knew that I had heard from him.

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